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All the utility bills that you purchase fromHart2hart Entertainment LLC are created on a quality utility bill template of your choice. Choose one of the readily available templates, or ask the design team to create the one that you need if it is not already available. The novelty utility bills that you order are created to look like authentic US bills. You will not find “specimen” or “sample” written anywhere on the replica utility bill, and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to use it as a novelty item only. You should only use the fake utility bill template using your own legitimate personal details. Your order will come with a digital and the digital copy will be emailed the next day that you order it.

Although we provide fake utility bills you must ensure you are the owner of the original utility bill to place an order. The fake utility bills are designed to be replacements for your originals and all the owners details must be legitimate.


One of the greatest advantages to using the Hart2hart Entertainment LLC is that our service is quick and simple. Our easy to use online order process means the documents arrive as you have stipulated within days to your Email.

Although these fake utility bills are only for entertainment or training, and they cannot be used for official purposes, they are good for loved ones to use to help them to control their spending habits. Additionally, these documents are perfect examples for helping others to manage their spending so that they can learn to save money for their actual bills in the future.

When you go to see stage performances, movies, TV shows, and plays, you want the experience to feel authentic. This is achieved through the use of realistic fake props. The use of novelty utility bills that look real helps the actors to successfully grab the audience’s attention. For example, if a stage performance uses documents which look obviously fake, then the audience will not continue to come to the performances. Actors who use a replica utility bill from Replace Your Docs do not have to worry about how authentic the documents appear since they are created by a professional design team. The utility bills that you’ll find at Replace Your Docs are perfect for gag gifts, or for serious stage performers who need realistic fake documents to use in their shows.


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